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Senior man checking his smartwatch

6 Pieces of Technology Aging Seniors Need

The Best Tech Devices for Older Adults

Amazingly, despite our fast-moving, ever-innovating culture, the world is aging at a historical rate. Statistics from the 2020 Census show that the United States population age 65 and over increased almost five times faster than the total population over the previous 100 years. The older population soared to 55.8 million – that’s 16.7% of the population. To put that in perspective, about 1 in 6 people now fit this category (less than 1 in 20 did in 1920).

These figures confirm we’re witnessing longer lifespans and a host of older adults who understand and integrate technology. In a recent study, the Pew Research Center discovered that the share of tech-savvy seniors rose over the last ten years, with more of them using smartphones, social media, and tablet computers. An incredible 75% of seniors report being internet users, too.


Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to age well.

Research continues to showcase seniors’ willingness to learn and experiment with technology and along with that, seniors themselves experience greater quality of life as they become more active with its use. Take a look at some of the many benefits reported as a result of incorporating technology into daily life:

  • Peace of mind from improved safety and security.
  • Healthier body, mind, and spirit.
  • A sense of independence and purposefulness.
  • Decreased depression.
  • Increased socialization.
  • Opportunities for continued learning, education, and brain health.
  • A feeling of being valued, because they can convey their knowledge to younger generations.


Maybe you or your loved one have grown accustomed to believing outdated aging myths that can discourage the adoption of technology, such as the assumption that seniors won’t or can’t pick up new skills. The truth is that seniors are incredibly adaptable – they may require a little more time, patience, and optimism, but with an open mind, they may even enjoy the learning curve. This process can offer a sense of fulfillment and be a welcomed challenge.


Explore these beneficial gadgets for seniors.

There are more mind-blowing innovations being invented every day, many of them geared to our aging population. Take a look below at just some of our suggestions.


Stay Connected on a Jitterbug Flip Phone or Smartphone

Because of its senior-friendly qualities, the Jitterbug brand is a longtime favorite, considered among the best cell phones for older adults. Jitterbug smartphones are the more advanced choice, boasting a large screen with numerals and text that are easy to read, loud-and-clear speakers that are easy to hear, and menus that are easy to navigate. Select models feature call captioning, voice typing, a camera, and video chat. For those who prefer only the basics, a Jitterbug flip phoneis a perfect option.

A 24/7 Urgent Response button guarantees support around the clock. Jitterbug phones and/or specially trained agents may further arrange ride scheduling, send emergency alerts to family or friends, and provide fall detection, medical assistance from on-call nurses, and personal guidance from care advocates.


Medical Alert Devices Can Be Actual Life-Savers

Of course, Stoney Brook Senior Living community residents relax knowing that expert staff members are always nearby when they need a helping hand. But companies like Lively have designed medical alert devices that enable elders who live alone to reach out in the event of an emergency – or really, in any kind of worrisome circumstances. Seniors can wear the Lively Mobile Plus around their neck or clip it to a pocket, belt, or purse. They can also pick Lively medical alert for their Alexa device or their Apple Watch.

Depending on their selection, they can simply touch a button or say, “Alexa, call for help.” Then, an Urgent Response Agent swings into action to confirm their location, assess the situation, and initiate the type of assistance required. Among the features available are fall detection and an app that updates their personal contacts on the current situation.


A Smartwatch Delivers So Much More Than the Time

State-of-the-art and often very stylish, smartwatches for seniors grant an entire suite of vital medical services right from one’s wrist. Check out a vast array of options, including Apple Watch, Fitbit Garmin and Reemo smartwatches.

Seek out health and fitness tracking and record keeping – tracker, monitor, and/or notification capabilities can encompass step and activity, fall detection, breathing and heart rate, ECG sensors, irregular heart rhythm, blood oxygen level, skin temperature variation, sleep data, and stress management. Solo seniors will appreciate features such as medication reminders and logs, one-touch SOS calls to emergency services, and the ability to give their loved ones access to their health and wellness data and to follow crucial alerts.


Tablets Can Be Convenient, Comfortable and Constructive

Some assisted living communities use tablets to engage residents in technology and all of its benefits, regularly implementing games and puzzles that are fun and that aid in cognitive health. Seniors can also follow and interact with a broad range of online activities. They can browse the Internet, read the news, books, and magazines, and connect with family and friends on social networking websites.

Video applications – Google Meet, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and more – allow them to chat onscreen, whenever and wherever they want. Older adults appreciate the option of telehealth visits with medical providers, which allows them to schedule appointments via tablet, rather than driving or finding transportation to an office setting. The iPad and Amazon Fire are just two of the many tablets on the market today.


Frequently Losing Things? Try Item Finders!

If you or someone you know misplaces their belongings, item finders from Esky, Tile and other great brands can bring relief, thanks to features like long ranges, app tracking, Bluetooth technology, compatibility with smartphones, and smart home technology.

Fasten item finders to important things including keys, wallets, purses, medication containers, and electronics such as phones, remote controls, iPads/tablets, and laptops. Placing one in the pocket of an elder who tends to become confused or disoriented can help assist in locating a loved one who is prone to wander or whose safety may be at risk.


Trust a Central Texas senior living leader.

A renowned expert in assisted living and memory care, Stoney Brook designed its resort-style, Central Texas senior living communities to help residents flourish. At home in a fun, relationship-centered setting, they enjoy ample, energizing activities and rewarding opportunities to socialize. That means you or your loved one can age well – and savor each day to its absolute fullest.

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