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5 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

5 Reasons Why You Should Look into Assisted Living

The reasons seniors give as to why they moved into assisted living, or are at least thinking about long-term care options can be as unique and diverse as the seniors themselves. Often, age is not the only consideration. Many residents transition to a community simply because it provides them with a convenient, maintenance-free lifestyle and the benefits of safety, security, independence, a social circle and improved well-being.

Depending on your own personal journey – and your present and future needs – you could be enjoying a happier, healthier, longer life in a senior living community. Read on to explore the top reasons prospective residents consider assisted living and memory care options for themselves or a loved one.

1. You live by yourself, experience loneliness or feel depressed.

As we get older, companionship can become harder to come by – and yet something we increasingly need and desire. Without a spouse or partner, or with family and friends busy or moving a distance away, or even without the ability to travel easily on your own, isolation presents a real risk to seniors.

2. You need a helping hand with daily living activities.

Tired and frustrated with those chores and self-care tasks that used to be more effortless? An assisted living community removes the everyday struggle by delivering customized support on the spot. You no longer have to feel overwhelmed by managing the responsibilities of your home, driving around town or handling your personal care needs alone.

Benefits abound in an assisted living environment which features housekeeping, laundry, landscaping, dining and transportation services, as well as an enriching calendar of community happenings and a variety of amenities, like fitness programs and outdoor spaces and gardens. Staff members can aid with personal care routines, like showering, getting dressed, using the restroom, managing medication and escort services when needed. With consolidated utilities and other household expenses, bill payment can be streamlined and much more manageable.

3. Preparing meals has become tedious or unsafe.

Maybe planning and preparing for three nourishing meals each day is a burden. From thinking ahead, to writing up a grocery list, traveling to the supermarket and back again, to cooking and then cleaning the kitchen – healthy meal preparation can be incredibly time consuming and exhausting. However, inadequate eating habits can leave seniors at risk of poor nutrition, weight gain or loss, decreased strength and hazards resulting from taking medications on an empty stomach.

Why not relax, and enjoy chef-prepared meals and the services of a dining team that can assist with proper meal habits? Look for a culinary program featuring nutritious menus that can be adapted to your favorite dishes, preferences, dietary restrictions and meal schedule.

4. You could benefit from the support of a caregiver for health-related issues.

Sometimes, our medical conditions and prescriptions become increasingly complicated – and difficult to manage on our own . The 24/7 onsite care and support an assisted living community can offer should cover:

  • Organizing and monitoring medication and pills, so the correct dosage is taken regularly.
  • Arranging health care services, scheduling doctor visits, and coordinating transportation to appointments.
  • Accessible living arrangements, generally single-story and without stairs, which may help to prevent falls and relieve discomfort from mobility limitations, arthritis, and other health conditions.

This kind of support can forestall serious problems and the anxiety of worrying about harmful situations, affording you more carefree time to do things you love. When it’s not feasible to hire an in-home, daily caregiver, or to keep asking and waiting for always-on-the-go family members to supervise, consider the options of a senior living facility.

5. You become forgetful or confused or have a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Of course, forgetfulness and confusion can be part of the journey as we age. Consistent, or continual memory lapses can often carry the constant threat of:

  • Dangerous medication mix-ups.
  • Leaving appliances running and unattended.
  • Starting a fire on your stove.
  • Burglary when your doors are left open or unlocked.
  • Getting lost while driving or outside of your home.

An assisted living community can bring peace of mind in these cases, with security measures in place and around-the-clock supervision, such as emergency response pendants and call systems. If you’re living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or another form of memory loss, consider a memory care community. There, you should benefit from specialized recreation and activities, brain health fitness programming, behavioral support and additional precautions, such as wander protection, featuring locked doors and increased security, including staff members monitoring the exits.

If future memory care is a concern, look for senior living communities providing a continuum of care, where you can age in place as your needs change, among people you’ve grown to know well.

Are You Ready to Consider Assisted Living?

If any of the reasons described above apply to you, then we recommend looking closer at the senior living options available nearby. By taking charge of your situation sooner, rather than later, you will minimize the dangers, difficulties and discomforts associated without such a safety net.

As you begin researching, make certain that you’re bearing in mind every aspect of this significant shift. You’ll need to investigate and determine these factors and more:

  • The level of care needed – would assisted living or memory care be beneficial?
  • The perfect long-term elderly care location for you
  • The costs of and how to finance senior living.
  • Easing the transition into assisted living from your current living situation effectively
  • The best methods for thriving in your new home and preserving your physical, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional wellness now and into the future

When the moment is right, talk with our Stoney Brook team. We’re skilled in the numerous factors involved with this subject and ready with the answers to the many questions you likely have. Together, we can guide you to an enriching retirement complete with dignity and grace.

In skillfully designed Central Texas assisted living communities and memory care communities, our residents flourish in a fun, resort-style, relationship-centered setting – enjoying ample, energizing activities and rewarding opportunities to socialize – so they can age well and savor each day to its absolute fullest.

Schedule a complimentary visit to meet us in person and learn more firsthand. Plus, check out Stoney Brook’s free, insightful resources, devoted to helping seniors and their caregivers. Subscribe to our blog, and be sure to read our eBook, Your Vital Guide to Senior Living and Care Options in Central Texas. Access your copy now!

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