Relationship Centered Living & Pillars
of Well-Being

At Stoney Brook, we are all about cultivating relationships and enriching lives. A focus on relationship-centered living is at the core of what we do. Research shows that relationships are essential for health and longevity. Residents and staff who maintain positive relationships live more fulfilling lives and are valued contributors to community life. We believe there are five, multidimensional components needed for people and communities to flourish. Each one supports and meshes with the others. People with high levels of well-being tend to be happier, healthier, and more productive. What a way to live your life!


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This is a foundational element of well-being. It involves a sense of connection, acceptance, inclusion, kindness, and communication. There are assumptions of good intent, respect, appreciation, seeking to understand, empathy, reciprocity, and harmony. Both deep and informal human interactions are keys to good health and longevity.


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Includes aspects of nutrition, physical activity, independence, dignity, sleep, rest, and relaxation. This can be accomplished by setting healthy daily habits. It also encompasses financial wellness such as planning for the future and concepts of stewardship and sustainability for yourself, your community, the organization, and the larger world.


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Includes outlook, educational and growth opportunities, attitude, hope, thankfulness, and gratitude. It provides opportunities to utilize strengths and identify weaknesses and work to improve them in our pursuit of excellence and providing high-quality service. Mentorship and coaching can be instrumental in these growth opportunities. Collaboration, innovation, teamwork, and identifying limiting beliefs such as those surrounding ageism and ableism in the work that we do are connected to mindset.


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Includes an understanding that there is a sense of something greater than yourself; your spirituality, religion, and/or meaningful connections that can come through nature, relationships, hobbies, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, beauty, vocation, and service to others.


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This is part of our true being; the unique calling of what drives us from deep within. Our sense of purpose and meaning evolves and changes over time and can become buried under real or perceived limitations. Life satisfaction, meaning, and purpose can grow from giving, contributing, honoring, creating, and sustaining traditions, and getting outside of ourselves to help others.

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