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Addressing Emotional Concerns

Denial and Beyond: Navigating Emotions in Your Assisted Living Decision

Wondering whether or not you should move into a senior community? No doubt you’re thinking over the pros and cons – and riding the rollercoaster of emotions that always comes with such a major decision. Not only is that completely normal, it’s an important part of the process, empowering you to consider and conquer your concerns.

What are some of the feelings experienced during a transition into assisted living? We’ll track the range of emotions and discuss how to overcome them so that you can choose the most beneficial senior living option for your retirement.


Many seniors reject the simple fact that they’re getting older, or that their health may limit them from enjoying a vibrant retirement. Forget fretting over what you perceive as shortcomings, frailty, or helplessness. The best senior living communities should support each resident’s independence. You can rely on skilled caregivers to help support any physical or cognitive changes in an accessible community designed to accommodate age-related challenges. There, you can truly flourish.


Two of the most common emotions linked to a senior living decision are anxiety and uncertainty, which often stem from the fear of the unknown. Perhaps you’ve heard negative stories about care facilities where residents were not treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. These types of situations are often showcased to suggest an isolated, unsanitary, or unsafe existence. This is not the norm, and for many communities, it is a reality that could not be further from the truth.

Fear of change, of altering surroundings and routines, also scares people from moving on. To counter that, select an inviting assisted living community with a caring culture that promotes a sense of belonging. Form a plan to establish your familiar habits and routine in the new setting. You’ll get acclimated and ready to dive into fabulous opportunities and relationships before you know it!


You, and perhaps your grown children, could expect to feel elements of sorrow, grief, and loss from having to sever ties with a cherished home or the old neighborhood in which you grew up and/or raised kids. Senior living staff are empathetic to this difficult process and trained to encourage open and honest communication among families, engaging in active listening and working toward a respectful, joint decision about the move. Ultimately, your goal should be meaningful time spent together with the people you love the most. Letting go of burdensome responsibilities allows opportunity for relationships and enduring memories with loved ones.


There are a few reasons why you’re likely to feel guilty about moving into assisted living. Some people experience embarrassment or shame when needing to ask for extra help, but changing needs is a normal part of the aging process.

Others balk when thinking of the perceived cost, believing that staying in their current home is “free” or less expensive than residential senior care. What they don’t account for is that, mortgage or not, maintaining a home on your own snowballs quickly into a pile of payments. Calculate the endless repairs and upkeep, renovations for evolving accessibility, utilities, cable, Internet, property taxes, insurance premiums, and more household bills, plus additional costs for healthcare and other expenses that might be factored into a community.

Some struggle with remorse over not being able to hold on to their home and properties, to leave it to their expectant heirs. While leaving a legacy is nice, note that the top priority for every person – and their families – should be their well-being.

To overcome feelings of guilt, we encourage prospective residents to:

  • Talk with loved ones[MS5] about all your intentions, options, and available resources.
  • Consult with financial advisors who can aid in strategizing and securing your assets.
  • Reach out for help with estate planning, to curtail disappointment and quarrels and ensure that your wishes are carried out without complications.

You might be shocked to find that assisted living is the best solution – and one that’s financially desirable.


Feel frustrated, discouraged, irritated, or incensed over age-related changes and the situation you’re in? Older adults commonly do. But you can protect your privacy, autonomy, and uniqueness, even in assisted living. The key: Choose a senior housing option that can customize your care plan to support your needs and preferences, today and tomorrow.


Maybe you’re reflecting on this move as being your “final” one or closer to it, and resisting the concept. Maybe you don’t know where to begin with the long list of tasks you’re facing. Essentially, you’re looking at uprooting your home and your whole life without a crystal ball. Who knows what the future holds?

For a variety of reasons, the sheer series of sentiments, uncertainties, decisions, and responsibilities involved in this transition can overwhelm a person. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Find senior location specialists in your area who can provide guidance, simplify the process, and explain how to make tasks more manageable.
  • Ask your family members, friends, and/or caregivers to help and encourage you.
  • Avoid dwelling on what seems to be the downsides. Treasure this special time with your loved ones. Once you trade in household chores and healthcare woes, you’ll have more quality opportunities together.

By taking each decision one step at a time and focusing on the numerous benefits of assisted living, the process becomes much easier – and far more rewarding.


We often hear prospective residents say they are “lost” or “intimidated” by making the decision to move into senior living because they believe it will be an irreversible mistake. Although it’s certainly a major decision, it doesn’t have to be permanent, nor is it something that should prevent you from moving forward. Research and discuss your options thoroughly with family members, friends, and professionals, and visit potential communities firsthand.


You are not alone during this significant transition. Don’t think you have a support network at your fingertips? Consult with senior living communities and/or organizations and support groups that serve older adults and can give you guidance. And know that the assisted living community you choose should welcome and embrace you, from your first day and into the future ahead.

How to Overcome Your Fears About Senior Living

Are you ready to start discussing this stage of your journey? Or do you already realize the need for assisted living? Are you anxious about the idea? Don’t let uncertainties hold you back from fulfilling your ideal retirement. Speak to experts on the subject, like our team at Stoney Brook, who are always here to get to know you and try to alleviate your worries.

Feel free to ask us for help with:

  • Guidance on talking about your emotions and senior living options with loved ones.
  • Reasons why you should consider assisted living.
  • Pinpointing the most beneficial level of care – maybe assisted living or memory care?
  • How to select the best elder care location and community for you.
  • Balancing the costs of and how to finance senior living for maximum value.
  • Ways to simplify the transition to assisted living.
  • How to thrive in assisted living and maintain your emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and intellectual wellness.

Schedule a complimentary visit to meet our residents, who flourish in our relationship-centered Central Texas senior living communities. Check out Stoney Brook’s free resources: Subscribe to our blog, and read our eBook, Your Vital Guide to Senior Living and Care Options in Central Texas. Access your copy now!

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